The Story of Pelle Pelle Jacket


After ruling the hearts of leather fanatics for about four decades, when the legendary Pelle Pelle brand winded down its stores back in 2019, the fans started to miss them. It has been the only brand for many individuals in a warm and stylish clothing range.


The brand was started in 1970, revolutionizing the fashion taste with its innovative and tempting designs that no one could keep their hands off. Marc Buchanan gave the apparel industry a thrilling soul with his evocative designs blended with vibrant colors.


From celebrities to iconic TV stars, everybody proudly carried the articles designed by Marc Buchanan. Famous TV sitcoms boomed his brand’s popularity to the skies by using its apparel pieces.


Reasons To Count On Us:


When the original Pelle Pelle landed out of business, it made millions of fans unhappy. Being an admirer and fashion enthusiast, we are a brand that strives to meet up the high-quality Pelle Pelle jackets that the original brand offered.


With the motto to keep this zest and energy alive in the Pelle Pelle leather jackets and apparel range, we have a wide variety of jackets, outerwear, and sports apparel that is comfy, funky, and full of life. We also have some of the iconic pieces by brand in our collection, as we truly understand that these will never get outdated. 


Copying the designs is not what we are doing. Preferably, we are proud followers of Marc Buchanan’s benchmark in the apparel industry. Letting the die-hard fans of the brand indulge in the essence of the original brand with an almost similar feel and finish!


Original Designs Made With Real Fabric!


How We Make a Difference?


Combining the brand’s taste and our innovation, we aim to provide our customers with the most delicate pieces that are exclusive in design, following the legacy of the prestigious Pelle Pelle brand.


Mission Statement:


Our mission is to deliver the fashion freaks with diversified statements with the touch of the legendary brand. We have the widest variety of garments for men and women regarding age preferences. Also, we have created a broad range of outerwear, formal and casual, to save your time from bustle searching.


We intend to deliver the elegance and spectacular apparel pieces to the customers that they can flaunt proudly. We aspire people to buy authentic apparel and original design made with natural fabric as promised. 


What inspires us?


Obvious of our name, the main inspiration for creating this brand is the iconic Marc Buchannan Pelle Pelle Leather Jackets brand. We strive to meet the brand’s standards using vibrant colors, versatility and creativity in designs, finest craftsmanship, and keeping the authenticity in fabric and styles.


We design all from vintage long coats to bomber jackets/cool biking leather jackets to trendy sports suits. Our team focuses on the current fashion vogue to meet clients’ fluid choices.


Core values:


Some of the values that make our brand stand out among the others are:


Authentic designs:

We are a firm believer in authenticity in designs and fabric quality. Thus we follow the original brand’s designs and style statement, but all our designs are unique and authentic.


Top-notch stitching:


Making sure that each stitch is done precisely, all our pieces symbolize perfection and class. You won’t find the finish and look like our products anywhere in the market.


Fair pricing:


We avoid overcharging our customers. Thus we promise to deliver quality products at affordable rates so that fans can enjoy the legendary Pelle Pelle fashion taste.




We clearly state that we are a brand inspired by the original Pelle Pelle brand, designing and selling online their reconstructed design and have no link with the original brand. 


We are a big fan of Marc Buchanan, and this is an initiative to keep his legacy alive in our hearts and the apparel industry.


Enjoy free shipping and an impressive return policy on our products, so grab your favorite articles at steal prices now!